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Payment Types

Payment Types

You can reserve pre-orders in one of two ways: You can either purchase the item at full cost or if you prefer, you can place a deposit down on the item and pay the balance over installments –


Pay In Full Now 

This option uses a standard check-out using either Paypal or Stripe Payments as the card payments processor. Your item will ship when in stock.

Payment Plan

This option uses to check out and set up a plan that lets you pay a variable deposit (10% to 99%) and variable monthly payments which should settle by the expected ship date. Your item will ship when in stock and the balance is settled.

To clarify, payment plans are not loan agreements and do not require a credit search or form part of your credit history, hence the reason why there is no interest or charges on the payment plan amount. With it is an effective way of using your own money to pay in manageable monthly instalments via your credit card/ debit card* where the goal is that your plan is settled by the time the pre-order becomes available. Should you miss a monthly payment will attempt to collect a further 3 times before defaulting the plan where we will contact you to help with any issues - Please Note; defaulted plans do not incur charges and as mentioned above does not go against your credit score.

* does not accept PayPal as a method of monthly payments with their plans. 

About provides businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use platform to sell products and services with payment plans, or offer a payment plan option to businesses or individuals that owe money. Emporium of Cool has thoroughly researched this system and chose it for its robustness and flexibility. uses the world renowned Stripe online payment system to ensure that your payment and personal details are kept secure. Privacy Policy can be found here & Stripe Privacy Policy here

Please note: once a deposit has been made or a pre-order has been fully paid for to reserve the item – this is a commitment to the order and to the item you have reserved. In the event of a cancellation request; no deposits will be returned after 24 hours, after the purchase/reservation of the item.