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1000 Toys

Tokyo-based 1000toys was started with a simple core mission: “to launch original toys by Japanese creators.” The mission has expanded to work with creators from all over the world plus developing unique takes on licensed properties with an unwavering focus on quality and originality. 

1000toys has several exclusive product lines of original toys and figures. These include TOA Heavy Industries with Tsutomu Nihei, IZMOJUKI with Junji Okubo, and Joumon KUGUTU with Takeya Takayuki. The popular CHUBU MechatroWeGo robot line - produced by parent company Sen-ti-nel - is represented internationally by 1000toys and many more exciting new projects coming soon!

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1000 Toys - Cuphead Action Figure 1/12 Scale Cuphead

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1000 Toys - Cuphead Action Figure 1/12 Scale Mugman

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1000 Toys - Hellboy Action Figure 1/12 Scale Abe Sapien

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1000 Toys - No Guns Life Action Figure 1/12 Juzo Inui


1000 Toys - RE:Edit Halo 1/12 Scale Action Figure Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark VI (Gen 3)

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1000 Toys - RE:Edit Halo Action Figure 1/12 Scale Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V

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1000 Toys - TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 1/12 Scale Female (Re-issue)