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Four Horsemen Studios - Figura Obscura Action Figure 1/12 Scale Sun Wukong The Monkey King (Golden Sage Edition)


High atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, a mystical monkey was born from an immense magic stone. He began to explore his new home, befriending many of its beasts and eventually finding a place amongst the wild monkeys of the Mountain. Recognizing his bravery and tenacity, the simians named the stone monkey their leader, dubbing him the Monkey King.

This is the beginning of the legendary tale of Sun Wukong, who is more commonly known as the Monkey King. A character in the folk-novel of China titled "Journey to the West", there are few characters whose exploits are more incredible than those of Sun Wukong, making him a perfect choice to join the ranks of the Figura Obscura.

The Monkey King features more new tooling than any of our previous Figura Obscura releases. The new parts on this figure include the lower arms and lower legs, as well as the multiple hands and feet he comes with. His armor is also brand new, including his chest plate, shoulder pauldrons, and his multi-piece waist armor. Of course, Monkey's bendable tail and his heads are also brand new! The head is designed in a way that it is made up of a base head plus a face plate that plugs into the front. The figure comes with 2 base heads (one with his phoenix-feather cap and one with the golden circlet that forces him to behave) and 4 face plates (normal and yelling, both with make-up and without). These heads and face plates allow you to create a wide range of different options by combining them in the way you most prefer.

Besides the new figure parts, Sun Wukong also comes with some brand-new accessories. These new pieces include his golden-banded staff, some scrolls, a gourd, his necklace, and one of the Peaches of Immortality. The Monkey King figure also includes soft goods prototyped by our partners at CJESIM, including a fully wired belt sash that fits through the new waist armor and a kerchief that goes around his neck.

This new Golden Sage edition repaints Monkey with golden fur and even brighter gold accents on his heavily detailed armor and includes all the parts from the original release presented in new decos.

The figure comes with multiple heads, hands, and feet options and a variety of character - specific accessories.

Like all Figura Obscura releases, Sun Wukong with come in deluxe packaging with a magnetic front cover and loads of artwork from this character's story.


  • For ages 15+ years
  • Warning Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years  


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